FlamingTorch Snooker System Review

The FlamingTorch Snooker System is designed to make you money by betting on BOTH snooker players in any given frame of televised snooker. The system recommends using Betfair to place bets ‘in-frame’ (during each frame) and this system claims to take advantage of the huge swings in odds offered, only really found in the game of Snooker.


This snooker system surprised me. When I heard you can bet on both players and GUARANTEE a win no matter who wins, I was very interested but didn’t think it was possible. Not being a huge snooker fan myself, I wasn’t sure if this would be for me, but due to the potential profits I thought I just must give it a go.

Using this system you bet on both players at different times throughout each frame. This is the key to guarantee a win. Any other method cannot guarantee a win. The video included in this download teaches you when, where and how to place these bets. You do not need to know much about snooker to use this system, you just need to be able to place bets online, during each frame as it’s played out live. You can watch the games live on TV or on the betting websites usually. You DO need to watch the games live because the odds will change throughout the frames, and this is when you need to place your bets.

One minor drawback to using this system, is that you can only use it a few times a year. You need to bet on Snooker Tournaments such as the World Championship, the UK Championship, The UK Masters, The Welsh Open, The China Open and more. Still, there are enough events to make it viable system, and the profits you can achieve can be HUGE using this system. In terms of losses, they’re not much to report because using this system my losses were small and winnings were quite substantial as i’ll explain below.

The video was very easy to understand and well made, nice to see real live action footage and real bets being placed during real snooker events in the video.


Starting with a bankroll of ?250, betting throughout the UK Championship 2009 (December 2009), I finished up with ?940 in my bank. This Snooker system works extremely well, so much so that I will be using it whenever Snooker is being played live from now on. A profit of nearly ?700 over 7 days (i used the system for 7 days throughout the tournament) is incredible considering most bets I was placing were for around ?25 – ?50 each time. If you’re into Snooker, or even if you’re not – this is one sports betting system I would highly recommend.
I used Betfair while using this system, and I found that to be a winning combination.