Dortmund takes up good places in the Bundesleague charts

After the rather rocky start to the Bundesleague in season 2012/2013, Borussia Dortmund managed to achieve a successful turn. After last six league games without a single defeat, and with the tailwind of a sense of achievement, Borussia start off confidently in Europe’s elite.

At the 3rd place, the German champions from the past two years are theoretically the main target, as the direct qualifications for the Champions League is the aim of this year’s cup winners from last season. Whether the performance of the Dortmund team will be sufficient to overpower the hitherto sovereignly playing Bayern, making it to this year’s championship contest, however, remains yet to be seen.

The big game on the 15th gameday

The 15th round could be the trend to set the future direction for the Dortmunder. With a victory against the first chart’s results, their lead ahead of Munich team could be reduced. Whether a victory could be the signal for the start of a brilliant comeback, like it was in the last season, is still not certain.

In the end, the young team knew, indeed playfully, how to convince the coach Jurgen Klopp, but the team is still far away from the constancy of the last two years. Nevertheless, Dortmund should compete openly, and accept the trip to Munich. Borussia could all decide for themselves the last four meetings of the two teams in the Bundesleague.

The offense is the best defense

Another reason for the resurgent confidence of the Westphalia should also be the penetration force of their offensive players. Robert Lewandowski and Marco Reus ensured so far – with nine goals and five season – the mighty vortex into their opponents’ penalty area. As it is, a draw against Bayern would be neither advances nor retrogression, so it must be allowed for a lively exchange of blows from both teams that we all hope for.

The determination of the Dortmund palyers from past games showed, for example, that Sven Bender running (with a broken nose and no protective mask) against Mainz is highly likely to provide additional power to the big game. It is clear that Klopp and his championship team will continue trying their hand in the upward trend of the recent weeks.

The pressure on the 15th gameday is in any case on the German record champions, who, after 2 years without a championship reward, must maintain the peace, and despite the comfortable lead, it is all up to the Borussia team who are hoped for success and the will to win.